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Quality over quantity - the thread count myth

When you’re shopping for bedding, aside from all the sizes and measurements to consider, you also get hit with several numbers about thread count. Over time, we’ve been led to believe that thread count is related to quality so the higher the number the better the quality right? Well, not necessarily.

Firstly what is thread count? Put simply, it’s the total number of threads both horizontally and vertically per square inch of fabric. So for a 300 thread count, it could be 150 single threads each way woven together, for example. Whilst a thread count lower than 200 isn’t going to feel great, a high one doesn’t guarantee it’ll be a good product either. We know we know, how confusing!

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There’s only so many threads that can actually fit into a square inch, so some manufacturers have gotten creative by twisting multiple strands like a braid and pushing those through the loom when weaving. This takes the count up, giving the impression of a better quality fabric. One thing to note though, twisting the threads isn’t the problem, it’s the quality of the threads being twisted. If you have a 1000tc sheet thinking it’ll be great quality, but it starts to feel scratchy after a few washes, it might mean the yarns were of a low quality. Still with us?

So looking for the type of fibre and how it was made is another thing to consider. We use a very high quality, long staple cotton. This means the fibres are longer and therefore more durable and resistant to pilling. We then combine this with TENCEL™ to create a 300tc fabric which is beautifully soft and durable. TENCEL™ is particularly long lasting whilst being made from completely natural sources. You could easily have a far more luxurious product from a 300tc than a 600tc depending on the production of the yarn. So you see, thread count is only one indicator of quality amongst many when it comes to choosing the perfect sheets.