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For softness that keeps on giving - caring for your Undercover linen

It’s the parcel you’ve been waiting for and when it finally comes, you rip it open and before it even goes on the bed, you wrap yourself up in it. That’s how irresistible the softness is. Come on now, don’t act like we’re the only ones that do that with new bedding!

Of course it’s way more fun to sleep and laze about in Undercover, but what about keeping it looking and feeling like the first time you slept in it? Here’s some quick tips to keep your linen looking fresh.

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Keep it on the down low
Wash and tumble dry on a low/medium cycle otherwise it’s likely you’ll strain the fibres. A low temperature together with a gentle detergent is actually surprisingly effective for a good clean.

Colour by numbers
Wash with similar colours to avoid transfer. Our double sided designs (Lido, Ponto and Jane) won’t bleed in colour as long as they’re washed at low/medium temperature.

No need to be harsh
Our fabric is naturally delicate so doesn’t enjoy being attacked by harsh chemicals or bleach. Let’s not upset the balance.

Baby soft
This is a tricky one. Conventional softeners aren’t so good for the environment. Our sheets are naturally super soft already (thanks TENCEL™) so you probably don’t even need it. If you would like to use a softener however, we have eco friendly ones from our friends at Tangent GC here.

Breathing space
If you tumble dry, be sure to do it on a lower temperature with plenty of space for the fabric to get some added ‘fluff’ time. Or better still, air dry if you can!

Things can get steamy
A little steam with your iron is all it takes to get creases out. Our fabric doesn’t contain any polyester or harsh chemical treatments to be wrinkle-free. We’re happy to go ‘au naturel’ with our linens and have creases showing.